Nigerian Institute Of Leather And Science Technology

Along Zaria Sokoto road

About Nigerian Institute Of Leather and Science Technology
 NILEST as it is shortly called is a tertiary training and research institute which specialize in manufacturing,processing and production of leather and leather products using science technologies.It aims at facilitating and increasing the revenue from the raw materials and industrial research sector of the nation.It comprises of 5 departments which all jointly work towards its primary aim

NILEST is a relatively safe location to visit

Things to Do
At NILEST,one could do the following;
1. Enroll into the institute and a course
2. Attend lectures and seminars
3. Engage in science and leather research or get enlightened 
4. Meet and make friends

What to Bring
Before heading to the institute,you should probably go along with the necessary documents needed,writing materials and some spare cash

Best Features
NILEST comprises of 5 separate depatments which all work independently yet uniquely towards achieving the aim of the institute.

Best Time to Visit
Best time to visit the institute would be during the school session while activities are still in full bloom

Most Common Visitors
Common visitors at the institute are students,staff,scientists and laboratory research workers


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Along Zaria Sokoto road


0802 516 9363|0703 088 0402

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