Institute of management technology

Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria

About Institute of management technology

The Institute of Management Technology, Independence Layout, Enugu is a polytechnic college located in Enugu State, Nigeria. It offers both full time and part-time programmes. It currently has seven faculties : School of Financial Studies, School of Arts, Design and Printing Technology, School of Communication Arts, School of Engineering, School of Technology, School of Enviromental Studies, School of Business Studies.

History of Institute of management technology

The Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu came into existence under the then East Central State of Nigeria Edict No 10 of 1973 promulgated by the Administrator of East Central State – Ajie Ukpabi Asika.Prior to the establishment of IMT, it was formerly a two way college namely College of Technology and the Institute of Administration. In October 1971 the Ukpabi Asika administration decided to merge the former College of Technology with the Institute of Administration. To give effect to this decision both the institute and the College came under the unified control of the cabinet office on 1st April, 1972.


Institute of management technology is safe but visitors are warned from late night movements.

Things To Do

It's a learning enivroment it's requiredd of you to come along with your reading and writing materials. Things to do includes going for classes and participating in schooling activities and events.

Best Features

IMT wants to advance cutting-edge managerial and technological knowledge by creating a functional, competitive and indigenous technologically-oriented institution which will stand as a recognized leader among similar institutions and meet the needs of a dynamic society using global standards.

Best Time to Visit Institute of management technology

It's really advisable to visit during to come visiting during when the school is in session.

Popular Events at Institute of management technology

There are a lot of popular events but none of them higher than Matriculation and Convocation which happens yearly. Matriculation is one of the popular events in school for freshers because that's when they get to wear and snap long living memory pictures and the get to celebrate their been in school. Likewise, Convocation is one of a popular event in school where final year students final get their certificates and their is an award for the best graduating student.

Most Common Visitors

Most common visitors that comes around are the student's family and friend.

Why You Should Visit

The technology based institution East of the Niger.The technology based institution East of the Niger.

Weather at Institute of management technology

The region in which the school is at Enugu state which is at the South-East region of Nigeria. This region has two type of season which are dry and rainy season. The dry season comes through the month of October up until April and the rainy season comes during the month of May, June and July.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how can I become a student here?
A: In other to become a student, you are required to pass UTME organised by JAMB and have the the required maximum five credit in your O'Levels.

Q: How many faculties or departments are available here?
A: There are seven faculties available for selection

Q: Is this polytechnic accredited?
A: Yes the polytechnic is accredited.

Q: Are there hostels at this polytechnic?
A: Yes hostel accommodation are made available.


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Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria


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