Ilorin Central Mosque, Kwara.

Surulere Road

Ilorin Central Mosque Description

History of Ilorin Central Mosque

Ilorin Central Mosque was built in 1981.

This grand place of worship is situated in the busy city of Ilorin, which has a considerable Muslim population. The 20,000-capacity sprawling edifice was sponsored by both private individuals and the state government

Security/Safety of Ilorin Central Mosque

This is a very safe location.

Best Features

It is the second biggest mosque in Nigeria, after the Abuja National Mosque, with a capacity of 20,000.

Writer's Review

The mosque has several golden domes, which accentuates the majesty of this imposing place of worship.

Most common visitors

Islamic faithfuls, Scholars, Tourists, Arhcitects



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Surulere Road

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