Lekki Central Mosque, Lagos.

81a Hakeem Dickson, Lekki

Lekki Central Mosque Description

History of Lekki Central Mosque

Lekki Central Mosque is notable as the first purpose-built mosque in Lagos.

Not only a center for spiritual rejuvenation, Lekki Central Mosque is also a citadel of learning where various scholastic and scholarly activities take place daily.

Security/Safety of Lekki Central Mosque

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Quran
  • Prayer beads
  • A shawl if you are female

Things to do while at Lekki Central Mosque

  • Pray and perform primary religious acts
  • Learn about Islam

Best Features

Sited on a 1.3 Hectares of land, the Mosque complex consists of a 2000-capacity main bowl, a 15-classroom Madrasah, a functional library with over 2000 books and e-book facilities, 5000-capacity Eid prayer ground, a 150-capacity ablution centre, a 1000-capacity multipurpose hall, 3 semi-detached flats which serve as Imams quarters and guest house, 2 service boys quarters, and an administrative office equipped with modern technology.

Most common visitors

As one of the most recognised buildings in the city, a large number of people visit it throughout the year, including the media, schools, colleges, universities and also individuals who wish to learn more about Islam or pray. It is claimed that the Mosque is visited 5,000 times every week by Muslims.

  • Lekki Central Mosque gets new Imam - National Mirror, Feb 28, 2014


Attend public lectures

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81a Hakeem Dickson, Lekki

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