Lagos Central Mosque, Lagos.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, Tinubu, Lagos Island

Lagos Central Mosque Description


Lagos Central Mosque is an important place of prayer for Muslims in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is situated along Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, a very busy area in Lagos.
Over the years, the mosque has been a preferred location by Muslims in Lagos State for Jumat prayers. It was built to replace the central mosque due to multiple demands for a new and modern place of worship for the Muslim community. The old central mosque was demolished in 1983 to allow for the building of the proposed modern mosque.
In 1988, former president of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Babangida opened the new Lagos Central Mosque. To date, the mosque retains its architectural beauty and it is reputed as one of the beautiful structures in Lagos city. This architectural edifice in central Lagos used to be the national Mosque until the capital city was moved to Abuja.
This commanding structure continues to leave tourists and visitors of Lagos in awe. The minarets are very prominent and beautiful. They are placed at strategic places in the mosque to further amplify its beauty.


Lagos Central Mosque is a prayer place for all who practise the Muslim faith.


Lagos Central Mosque is open to the public except during prayer hours when it admits only Muslims.


Non-muslims are free to visit the mosque on weekdays except Fridays because of the Muslim Jumat prayers.


Being a center for religious activities, the mosque is very safe and serene.



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Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, Tinubu, Lagos Island

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