Holy Aruosa Cathedral, Edo.

Akpakpava Road, Benin City

Holy Aruosa Cathedral Description

History of Holy Aruosa Cathedral

Holy Aruosa Cathedral was established in 1849.

Built by Oba Esigie in 1849.

Known far and wide and claimed to be the oldest Church is Africa, this is an unusual Church where tradition and religion are practiced and worshipers are said to have a direct contact with God without going through any intermediary like Jesus with other Churches.

Security/Safety of Holy Aruosa Cathedral

This is a very safe location.

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    Holy Aruosa is the religion of the Binis, a tribe in Edo State. Headed by the Oba of Benin who is seen as God's representative on Earth, it was built on the spot where a huge black stone appeared from a ball of fire that dropped supposedly as God's answer to their requests. During the British evasion of Benin, the church was destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1945 by Oba Akenzua II and since then, the Benin monarch occasionally attends worship here especially after Igue festival for thanksgiving.

    Writer's Review

    The Oba of Benin is the spiritual head of the Church and his deputy is the Benin Crown Prince. The presiding head of the church is known as ‘Ohen Osa’ (God’s servant) and the priests dress like the Roman Catholic priests and usually wear red caps. A special seat is reserved for the Oba at the church. Service at the church is conducted in Bini language and the Holy Bible is not used in the church.

  • We pray directly to Osanobua (God) here. We do not pray through Jesus Christ or any other intermediary. It is not that we do not believe in him but the truth is that we pray directly to God-Okao, Chief Priest
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    Akpakpava Road, Benin City

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