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United Nations Ave, Nairobi


United Nations Office is located at the UN Avenue, across the US Embassy, Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya. The UN office in Nairobi represents the United Nations main base of operations in Africa. The UN office in Nairobi was established in 1996 as a resolution from UN General assembly to represent the interest of the UN of in Africa.

History Safety

The UN office is very safe for the locals and tourists.

What to bring

An identification document might be needed for entry at the UN office.

Things to do

You can visit the Green Building- a building that operates solely on natural conditions. You can also visit the Karuka forest near the UN office.

Best features

The UN office is opened every day except Sundays and at 7:30 am - 5:30 pm. You can visit the UN office during the operating hours, depending on your reason for visiting.

Most common visitors

Kenyans and diplomats are common sights at the UN office.


Kenya has 2 rainy seasons, i.e. the normal March - May period and November which is referred to as the short rainy season. The rest of the months are mostly sunny.


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United Nations Ave, Nairobi


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