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WonderLand Park.

About WonderLand Park

A recreational for park for all, WonderLand Park offers the best of leisure, play and fun at a very moderate cost. The park caters for both young and old as the park offers activities for both the young and old. There are a lot of fun activities to take part in some of which include roller coasters, ocean cars, frog jump, bumper car, cowboy mini wheel, happy worm capsule, carousel, pirate ship, flying tower and bouncy castles, among others. Magicland Amusement is an ultra modern world class recreation centre, the first and the biggest most equipped amusement park in the whole of Nigeria . It is situated in the heart of Abuja , a few minutes' drive from the city centre, and opposite the National Stadium, and close to the City Gate. It has an area of approximately 330,000 square metres.


There is no threat to security here. The park is equipped with a clinic centre in case of minor injuries from accidents.

Things to Do

Riding on the many joy rides, taking amazing pictures, having a good time with the family, taking a walk in the park are just some of the fun things to do at the park.

What to Bring

Before heading to Wonderland amusement park here  is a list of helpful things to take along with you; a camera to take pictures of the amazing view of the park, cash or credit/debit cards to buy food - guests are not allowed to take food into the park as there are a lot of restaurants that serves meal to suit everyone's taste.

Best Features

The amazing facility the park possesses makes it a top tourist destination, also the clinic centre on site gives a relaxing feeling to parents as they know they have nothing to worry about if their kid gets injured.

Best Time to Visit Wonderland Amusement Park

During holidays and weekends are the best times to visit the park. During this period, there are always lots of people having fun and this gives the environment a family atmosphere.

Most Common Visitors

Fun lovers, families, class groups, couples are the most people you will find here.

Why You Should Visit

To have a relaxing time with the family. 

Security/Safety of WonderLand Park

This is a very safe location.

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