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Emir of Dutse Palace

Emir Palace Road, Garu
Emir of Dutse Palace was established in , Built by in .
This is a major attraction center mostly as a result of its unique and rare blend of indigenous and contemporary architectural designs.

What To Bring

["Camera to capture the sights and take selfies with","Sun shades and a hat for the heat"]

Reason For Loving Place

Surrounded by rocks and sitting on an elevation, this is the palace and residence of the traditional head of the Dutse Emirate. “Dutse“ a Hausa word meaning “Rock” derives its name from the hilly rocks, which encircled the town of Garu and its environs. Recently renovated by the present Emir, the palace has become a major tourist attraction for its design and rich display of artful colors and symbols. The entire approach to the palace on both the left and right sides of the road has been decorated in red and green colors which symbolize Northern Unity. The Arewa symbol is also dominant in the palace art and design. Although modernized to mirror better architecture, it still features a lot of the traditional works and building structures on which the palace was first built.

Ways Of Travel

By car and motorbike

Reason To Recommend Place

With a belief that royalty means colors, the inner and outer walls are beautifully painted in eye-catching colors that reflect on the opulence of the Dutse Emirate. Also, the festivals and royal ceremonies held here are great times to experience the local culture and traditions of the emirate.

Quote About Place

["The palace has undergone tremendous uplift, but we tried not to tamper with the traditional look inside, even though we have changed the outside. Inside, there are rooms which are 200 years old. If you make them modern, it does not make any sense. So we left them as they are. But we used cement to protect them from the outside because in those days there was no cement-Alhaji Nuhu Muhammad Sanusi, Emir of Dutse"]


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