Chief Nana's Palace, Delta.

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Chief Nana's Palace. It is notable as a living history museum.

Chief Nana's Palace is a living history museum dedicated to the life and deeds of Chief Nana of Olomu, a powerful nineteenth-century entrepreneur who is notable for his extended contact with the British Empire.

Security/Safety of Chief Nana's Palace

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Camera to capture the sights and take selfies with

Things to do while at Chief Nana's Palace

  • See Chief Nana's belongings and artefacts from that period
  • Learn about Benin history

Best Features

Nana Olomu was born into the Itsekiri community of Jakpa around 1852. He was a merchant who later became the fourth Itsekiri chief to hold the position of Governor of Benin River. Although born as "Eriomala", he became known by his pet name "Nana".

Writer's Review

As a reflection of the grandeur of his achievements, Nana built this magnificent edifice at the turn of the century. It houses his personal effects and evidence of his contact with the Queen, administrators and traders of the British Empire. This Palace has now become recognized and approved as one of the national monuments.


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Koko, Warri

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