Emir of Zazzau Palace, Kaduna.


Emir of Zazzau Palace Description

History of Emir of Zazzau Palace

Emir of Zazzau Palace

The Emir is the traditional ruler of the Zaria Emirate, also known as the Zazzau. The palace located in the old part of Zaria city is close to the Zaria Forest Reserve.

Security/Safety of Emir of Zazzau Palace

This is a very safe location.

  • ensure to follow the rules of the land when here

What To Bring

  • A camera
  • A head shawl

Things to do while at Emir of Zazzau Palace

  • Have an audience with the Emir
  • Go sight-seeing

Best Features

The palace is made of mud and features designs typical of traditional Habe architecture. The palace is surrounded by high walls with beautifully constructed gates, one of which separates the residential area of the emir and his family from his emirate offices. The palace walls are colorfully painted with designs and the Emir's own insignia.

Writer's Review

Join a tour party and marvel at the sights and culture displayed with fellow tourists and non-indigenes. Islam is the practised religion so there will be other Muslims on the palace grounds.

Most common visitors

The splendour of the palace and its inhabitants is so enviable, you can see from the far end of a long reception hall the Emir sitting on a red velvet couch, his courtiers appearing in white-cotton embroidered caps and knee-length white-cotton tunics to seek an audience.

  • "I like the patterns here. Very colourful" - Amartya Bhadra


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