Sultan of Sokoto Palace, Sokoto.

Sultan of Sokoto Palace Description

History of Sultan of Sokoto Palace

Sultan of Sokoto Palace was built in 1808.

Built by Sultan Bello in 1808.

The palace is home to the Sultan of Sokoto, the traditional and spiritual ruler of the Sokoto Caliphate who historically holds the most important Muslim position in Nigeria. An imposing and magnificent building, it has drawn muslim pilgrims and tourists alike to Sokoto

Security/Safety of Sultan of Sokoto Palace

This is a very safe location.

  • Go with a tour guide or local to know your Do's and Don't's
  • What To Bring

    Before heading to Sultan of Sokoto Palace, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • A head shawl
  • Camera to capture your visit
  • Things to do while at Sultan of Sokoto Palace

    Before heading to Sultan of Sokoto Palace, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Go sight-seeing
  • Pay homage to the Sultan
  • Best Features

    As home to the spiritual leader of the Muslim community in Nigeria, it is an accommodating attraction center. Everything in it displays grandeur, from the palace guards fitted in multi-colored regalia and robes to the Sultan's famous trumpeters who perform praises for the Sultan during special ceremonies.

    Writer's Review

    Join a tour party and marvel at the sights and culture displayed with fellow tourists and non-indigenes. Islam is the practiced religion so there will be other Muslims on the palace grounds.

    Most common visitors

    Located opposite the city, the Palace is a cultural and traditional museum where relics from eras of former Sultans are displayed. The physical structures make one imagine the unique architectural prowess of the people during the time of the Caliphate overlordship.

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