Emir of Gombe Palace, Gombe.

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Emir of Gombe Palace Description


Emir of Gombe Palace is the ruling base of the ruler of the Gombe Emirate. It was built by the 10th Emir of Gombe, Late Shehu Usman Abubakar, who ruled from January 1984 to May 2014. Shehu Usman Abubakar played a crucial role in the creation of Gombe State in the late 90s. The palace is situated in Gombe, a fast-growing state in northeastern Nigeria.

The Emir of Gombe Palace is one of the cultural points of pride of the Gombe State people. For several years it has been reputed as a major site attraction in Gombe. Because of its magnificent structure, the palace is recognized as the most outstanding architectural design in Gombe State. It is also famous in Nigeria for its excellent architectural design.

The Gombe State Emirate was established in 1804 by Abubakar "Buba Yero" dan Usman Subande, the first ruler of the realm (1762 - 1841). Since then it has been ruled by 12 rulers.

Emrirs of Gombe State From 1804 To Present

- Abubakar "Buba Yero" dan Usman Subande (1804 -   1841)
- Sulaymanu dan Abubakar (1841 -   1844)
- Muhammadu Kwairanga dan Abi Bakar (1844 -   1882)
- Abd al-Qadiri Zaylani dan Muhammadu (1882 -   1888)
- Hasan dan Muhammadu (1888 -   1895)
- Tukur dan Muhammadu (1895 -   1898 )
- Jalo dan Muhammadu (1898 - 1898)
- Umaru dan Muhammadu (1898 -   1922 )
- Haruna dan Umaru (1922 - 1935)
- Abu Bakar dan Umaru (1936 - 1984 )
- Shehu Usman Abubakar (1984 - 2014)
- Abubakar Shehu Abubakar III (2014 - Present)


It serves as a venue for durbar; the tradition of holding court and formal reception.


- Beautiful Architectural Design

- Site Attraction


Entrance to the Emir of Gombe Palace is strictly by initation by the emir and his cabinet.


 Anytime of the year


This is very safe location.

Attend public lectures

Explore art




Dukku Road, By PDP Road Roundabout

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