Lokoja Confluence, Kogi.

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Lokoja Confluence Description

History of Lokoja Confluence

Lokoja Confluence.

Looking for a town that boasts of hills, a plateau, two rivers and a confluence? Lokoja is where you need to be.

Security/Safety of Lokoja Confluence

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

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  • Camera to capture the sights and take selfies with
  • Best Features

    Nigeria's longest river, the River Niger meets the Benue River here at a point that forms the Y-shape that is seen on a map of the country. An amazing sight, one of the best places to see this natural feature is the famed Mount Patti. There is one distinguishing feature that is easily prominent when viewed from this elevated position – their colors can be easily seen. Whereas the River Niger water appears muddy, that of the Benue appears light blue in color. It is claimed that it was here, filled with the beauty of the two great rivers and its confluence, that the Lady Flora Shaw had the idea to name the country Nigeria after the River Niger.

    Writer's Review

    The confluence is the greatest landmark associated with Lokoja, and for right reasons. The grandness of the confluence and the rivers hints one of the mysterious and incredible force of nature in her wildness and beauty. The confluence can only be accessed by water, and tourists can enjoy a boat ride along it for a fee of about N10,000.


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