Kwatarkwashi Rock/Water Spring
Kwatarkwashi Rock/Water Spring
Kwatarkwashi Rock/Water Spring
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About Kwatarkwashi Rock/Water Spring

Long before it became a tourist attraction, Kwatarkwashi Rock was a place where the locals worshipped a powerful spirit that they believed dwelled on the rock. The introduction of Islamic religion into the area stamped out this belief and now Kwatarkwashi Rock is just a good old tourist attraction. This doesn’t mean it has lost any of its charm though (pardon the pun). Kwatarkwashi Rock still has some interesting features and history: there are caves where the locals used to hide during difficult battles – the biggest of the caves can reportedly hide a thousand people. In addition, eagles used to live in the caves and catching them was the main feature of an annual event called Daukar Maiki (Catching of the Eagle). A spring that never runs dry flows from the rock, providing cool and refreshing water for locals and tourists. Kwatarkwashi is 12km away from Gusau.

History of Kwatarkwashi Rock/Water Spring

The first inhabitants of Kwatarkwashi decided to settle there because of the rock. They believed a powerful spirit dwelled on the rock and they worshipped this spirit. In addition, the rock’s many caves offered protection during difficult battles, the spring water that flowed from the rock was a steady source of clean and refreshing water, and the wild life provided food. The decision to settle around the rock must have been an easy one for these early warriors, hunters, and farmers. Thus, they founded Kwatarkwashi. Kwatarkwashi was named after a prominent ruler called Kwatashi. In the annual event – Daukar Maiki – daring, healthy, and strong youths would climb to the peak of Kwatarkwashi Rock, go to the biggest cave, and attempt to catch one of the eagles that lived there. If successful, they’d then present the eagle alive to the leader. That must have been quite a sight. The Catching of the Eagle event has been banned now. In any case, eagles no longer live on Kwatarkwashi Rock. The locals say the eagles flew away one morning and never returned. They probably got tired of being used for sport, and being the centre of attraction in an annual ceremony. The experts call it local extinction: the eagles migrated and must have found a better home, so they never returned.


Kwatarkwashi Rock is a safe location. Tourists are allowed to do everything (climb the rock, picnic, relax, drink from the spring, etc.) except go in the caves. The caves are out of bounds to tourists. This is because the caves are very deep and dark, and wild animals/reptiles may be hiding in them. It’s best to watch the kids closely to make sure they don’t try to live out any Batman fantasy in those caves.

Things to Do

Tourists can sightsee, climb the rocks, picnic, fetch or drink from the spring water coming out of the rocks, carry out research, etc. you can even hunt – if that’s what does it for you.

What to Bring

You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes if you plan to go rock climbing.

Best Features

The rock and the history surrounding it, the water spring, and the cool environment are the main features of this tourist attraction. Tourists can relax, have a picnic, and drink from the cool spring. And you’re bound to hear many great stories from the locals.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kwartarkwashi Rock/Water Spring is during 8am and 7pm when there's enough daylight to enjoy the sights.

Most Common Visitors

Kwartarkwashi Rock is a popular place. Its cool and relaxing atmosphere attracts a steady stream of tourists, students, indigenes, visitors from neighbouring towns, and researchers.

Why You Should Visit

Kwartarkwashi Rock/Water Spring has a blend of everything: nature, history, and magic (if you wish). The environment is cool and relaxing and it almost has a healing effect on you. Shame the eagles packed up and left in such a hurry, though.

Weather at Kwatarkwashi Rock/Water Spring

The weather is generally cool. It makes it easy for people to relax and enjoy the sights

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