Idanre Hills, Ondo.

Idanre town, Ondo state.

Idanre Hills Description

About Idanre Hills

Idanre Hills, also known as Oke Idanre, is located in the quiet town of Idanre local government and paints the landscape with its beauty. It is a cultural, economic and lifestyle lodestone to its community. It has about 667 steps, including five resting points, which are set at about 100 meters apart from each other. You are welcome to climb if you dare. 

Idanre hill is one of the most awesome and beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria and its existence is surrounded by many myths and beliefs of its people. With different stories to be told about the hills, tourists should anticipate hearing and sighting the 9 wonders of Idanre: "Ibi Akaso" (The Steps), The King's Palace, Agboogun’s Legacy, Unreadable signs, Agboogun's footprint, The wonderful mat, "Omi Aopara" (Aopara Water), The Orosun Hill and Arun river. 

History of Idanre Hills

Reverend Gilbert Carter led the team of missionaries that discovered Idanre hills and introduced it to western civilization in 1894. Idanre people used to live high up on the hills, in an area which is now known as Old Oke-Idanre. History has it that the old Idanre people descended the hills and resettled at the present foothill location of Idanre town.
It is said that every street in the new Idanre town has a replica at the Old-Oke Idanre and every family has been allowed to retain ownership of their family houses at the Old enclave. 

Security/Safety of Idanre Hills

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Idanre Hills, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • climbing gear
  • shorts 
  • slippers
  • first aid box

Things to do while at Idanre Hills

Visiting Idanre Hills probably gives you a lot of excitement. Here are things you can do there:

  • mountain climbing
  • take landscape pictures
  • Listening to tour guides give tales of the hills


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Idanre town, Ondo state.

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