Okuta Ilorin, Kwara.

Idi-Ape Area of Ilorin

Okuta Ilorin Description

History of Okuta Ilorin

Okuta Ilorin was documented in the 16th century long ago before the invention of sharpening steels for knives. A man known as Ojo Isekuse who was one of the founding fathers of Ilorin devised a method for sharpening his knives with the use of a stone. It was from the activity of the knife sharpening that the name of the town Ilorin was formed.

Security/Safety of Okuta Ilorin

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Mats
  • Climbing gear

Things to do while at Okuta Ilorin

  • Take a landscape picture
  • Enjoy the ambience.

Best Features

It is a historical site for the people of Ilorin.

Writer's Review

To go and see where Ilorin got its name from.

Most common visitors

Historians, Curators, Archaeologists.

  • Ilorin is in fact a shortened form of “Ilo-irin” (object for grinding metal)- Our tour guide to us.


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Idi-Ape Area of Ilorin

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