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Calabar Museum

History of Calabar Museum Calabar Museum was built in Glasgow and MoroccoIt was built as the residence of a colonial governor. It is notable as one of the best museums in the country Experience the time machine that is the Calabar Museum, which will transport you as far back as pre-colonial times. The museum is situated in a former colonial Governor's, which was built in Glasgow, assembled in Morocco, before arriving in Calabar. Security/Safety of Calabar Museum This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Calabar Museum, here are some helpful things to take along with you: A camera Best Features One might begin to feel a nostalgia for a time they never experienced at the Calabar Museum. Containing relics from the Efik kingdom, the slave trade period and documents from colonial times, the museum is sure to move you. Writer's Review A visit here will definitely teach one about Nigeria's past, tribulations and tragedies. Most common visitors Historians, tourists.

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