Lander Brothers Anchorage, Delta.

Off Nnebisi Road, Asaba

Lander Brothers Anchorage Description

History of Lander Brothers Anchorage

Lander Brothers Anchorage.

Built in memory of the Lander brothers Richard and John, this complex has a rich museum, which houses, among others, the boat that was used by the two brothers’, artworks and writings detailing their numerous exploits in Africa.

Security/Safety of Lander Brothers Anchorage

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Lander Brothers Anchorage, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • A camera to capture and appreciate the works on display
  • Best Features

    After the Lander brothers took up the exploration of the River Niger to its source from Mungo Park, this was where they anchored after a successful journey. The anchorage with its museum is a behemoth hosting portraits graphically depicting the historic journeys of the brothers up the numerous waterways leading to the massive discovery of the mouth of the River Niger. It also pictorially shows their interaction with the natives. Pictures of the Lander granddaughters who embarked on a trip to find the bodies of their father is also on display. There are also other paintings and works of arts showing the different tribes who lived on both sides of the Niger during the foray of the White man there.

    Writer's Review

    This anchorage is not just about the Richard Lander, but provides an insight into the times of the area in the 19th century when Europeans became unsatisfied with trading at the coast and became interested in hinterland. These are mostly in form of pictures and text materials.




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    Off Nnebisi Road, Asaba

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