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Kanta Museum Description

About Kanta Museum

Kanta Museum is located in old town in Argungu, close to the main market. Built in 1831, the retro architectural structure of the building has been maintained to this day even through the renovations and reconstructions it has undergone. Kanta Museum offers visitors a view into the stormy history of Kebbi State. The museum is divided into eleven compartments and has a remarkable collection of weapons such as spears, swords, bows and arrows, wood, stones, local guns, charms, and drums. The Kanta Museum also serves as a royal tomb; all past Emirs of Kebbi State are reportedly buried there. Every Friday after the Jumat service, the present Emir, Alhaji Samaila Mera goes to hold court sessions, receive and pay homage to his ancestors at the museum to show its symbolic importance.

History of Kanta Museum

Yakubu Nabame, a former Emir of Kebbi, built what would later be known as Kanta Museum in 1831. It was the Emir's palace until the British built a new administrative palace during the reign of Muhammed Sani in 1942. The building was named after Muhammed Kanta who founded Kebbi Kingdom in 1515. It opened as the Kanta Museum on 1 July 1958. In 2013, the federal government took over the museum, and the National Commission for Museum and Monument (NCMM) declared it as a national monument.


Kanta museum is located in a safe location in Argungu. Argungu is a popular tourist location and receives many tourists from all over the world because of the Argungu festival.

Things to Do

Sightseeing: The museum maintains much of its historic charm, and tourists can experience fully the culture and history of Kebbi State.

Things to Bring

Before heading to Kanta Museum, here are some things to take along with you; a camera to capture beautiful moments, a notepad to record things being learnt at the museum.

Best Features

The art and culture heritage on  show makes for interesting viewing.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the museum is during the day when there are guides to take you through the museum and lecture you on the rich history of the argungu people.

Most Common Visitors

Most people you will find here are reseachers, photographers, historians.


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Argungu lga kebbi state

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