Legacy Railway Museum, Lagos.

Jaekel House, Federal Road, Railway Compound, Ebute Metta

Legacy Railway Museum Description

History of Legacy Railway Museum

Legacy Railway Museum was built in 1904 to preserve the historical building, treasures and monuments that the Railway compound had become for Nigerians and non-Nigerians.

Built by A non-government group, Legacy1995 in collaboration with Nigerian Railway Corporation.

There is a saying that the pride of a nation lies in the ability to preserve its heritage by transmitting stories of the past to the succeeding generations. There is no better demonstration of this than the rehabilitating works done on the Jaekel House.

Security/Safety of Legacy Railway Museum

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • A camera to capture and appreciate the works on display

Things to do while at Legacy Railway Museum

  • Educate yourself on railway history in Nigeria
  • Check out the different artifacts and photos displayed

Best Features

There is a serenity that pervades the air at the railway compound that gives the place the feel of a time capsule and makes you feel like exploring.

Writer's Review

Visit the museum and appreciate the history of the railway corporation.

  • "The railway compound is replete with an air of nostalgia, even for those who never experienced the glory days of the Railway Corporation" - Ayodele Arigbabu

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Jaekel House, Federal Road, Railway Compound, Ebute Metta

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