Black Heritage Museum, Lagos.

Black Heritage Museum Marina GRA Road, Badagry

Black Heritage Museum Description

About Black Heritage Museum

Black Heritage Museum was built to preserve relics from the slave trade era. It is notable as a reminder of a bleak segment of the past, and also a testament to the resilience of the region.

Black Heritage Museum with its relics from a non too romantic slave trade era takes you on a walk through the life of a slave.

Security/Safety of Black Heritage Museum

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • A camera with spare batteries

Things to do while at Black Heritage Museum

  • See the relics of the slave trade.
  • Educate yourself on slave trade history.
  • See the culture of Badagry people pre-slave trade.
  • See the different galleries explaining the various aspects of the slave trade.

Best Features

It is a living history museum that educates us about the struggles of our predecessors.

Writer's Review

To go and educate themselves on the struggles of our predecessors

Most common visitors

Historians, Curators, Tourists.

  • We have divided the gallery into subdivisions, each showing how the slave trade started and its abolition- My tour guide to me
  • A walk of a lifetime through Badagry slave route- An excerpt from travel start blog.




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Black Heritage Museum Marina GRA Road, Badagry

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