Lord Lugard's Rest House, Kogi.

Ado Ibrahim-Panti Road, Lokoja

Lord Lugard's Rest House Description

History of Lord Lugard's Rest House

Lord Lugard's Rest House.

On landing in Lokoja, the then capital of the Northern Protectorate, Lord Lugard was so fascinated by Mount Patti, he built a rest house on its peak for relaxation and the viewing pleasure of the sprawling town.

Security/Safety of Lord Lugard's Rest House

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Lord Lugard's Rest House, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Climbing gear if you prefer going on foot to the Rest House.
  • Camera to capture the adventures of the day and lovely sights
  • Best Features

    Once a refuge for locals and settlers, Lord Lugard had the area cleared of such refugees and built his rest house for both recreational and observational purposes. Built in the 20th century circa 1900, the rest house sits graciously on top of the mount overlooking Lokoja and its wonders.

    Writer's Review

    The rest house has been preserved both by nature and government intervention to look as it was during Lord Lugard's days. It was built from locally sourced stones although its roof has been repaired using modern materials. There are two statures by the side. That of the two occupants of the rest house, Lord Lugard and his wife. There are also flags of Great Britain and Nigeria by the statures. It is seen as a mini-museum of colonial history and if you are on a tour, the tour guide is sure to give a brief view of live during the Lugard period. It is nice to take a time off your hiking and view this historic site given its significance.


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    Ado Ibrahim-Panti Road, Lokoja

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