European Cemetery, Lokoja, Kogi.

Murtala Mohammed Way, Lokoja

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History of European Cemetery, Lokoja

European Cemetery, Lokoja.

The largest of its kind in Nigeria, this cemetery contains the remains of missionaries and European soldiers of the West African Frontier Force stationed in Lokoja between 1867 and 1926.

Security/Safety of European Cemetery, Lokoja

This is a very safe location.

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  • Camera if you fancy documenting your visit
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    A short distance from the Local Government centres, this cemetery is as large as two football pitches. Buried within these fenced grounds are men and women who shaped the course of Nigerian history from as far back as the 19th century as evidenced by some headstones dating around the 1800s. There are brief inscriptions about those buried. In some places, the inscriptions give details on the buried people such as their names, professions, addresses, and even nature of death.

    Writer's Review

    Despite its historic significance, the cemetery has seen better years. It is unkempt and scattered with wilted leaves and weeds. Even its fence is crumbling in some parts. However, there are plans to re-groom the cemetery to match its status and importance. In spite of its physical condition, this is a colonial monument worthy of visiting and reliving anytime one visit this naturally and colonially endowed city.


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    Murtala Mohammed Way, Lokoja

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