Bible Site, Araya, Delta.

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Bible Site, Araya.

Attracting many Christian pilgrims, especially during the Easter season, a copy of the Holy Bible is believed to have descended upon this spot miraculously in August 1914.

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This is a very safe location.

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    The story of this Bible site is one of intrigue and wonder. After early missionaries came to Araya Village, they received visions and dreams to expect an unknown miraculous gift. During those times, the locals carried their yield from their farms to the nearby creek for transportation. On a rainy day while two women were on this task, they found an open Bible on their yam which although the surrounding were wet, the Bible was dry. Shocked with this discovery, they carried it along and after deliberation with the village heads, took to the White missionaries. From there, the Bible was lost, assumingly in transit to England. Years later, it was decided to commemorate the exact spot of the Bible discovery site.

  • If the Bible is still around as I strongly believe, it will one day come back to Araya. All that is left for us is to praise and glorify God’s name, in Araya-Mr. Osima
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