Abdullahi Fodio Tomb

Gwandu, Gwandu Local Government Area.

Abdullahi Fodio Tomb Description

About Abdullahi Fodio Tomb

Abdullahi Fodio (1766 - 1828) was the brother of the great 19th century jihadist, Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio. He was a scholar and writer, and also took part in his brother's jihad. Abdullahi Fodio founded the Gwandu empire which he ruled until his death in 1828. His descendents are the present rulers of Gwandu town, Kebbi State. He was buried in Gwandu and his tomb has remained one of Kebbi State's popular tourist attractions over the years.


The tomb is located in a safe location.

Things to Do

Pay your respects to the legend Abdullahi Fodio and learn about his achievements in life.

What to Bring 

A note pad will be advisable to tkae notes, also a camera could come in handy, a Quran too.

Popular Events at Abdullahi Fodio Tomb

Islamic scholars and historians sometimes give lectures in the Abdullahi Fodio's memory before paying their respects at his tomb.

Most Common Visitors

The most common visitors to this tourist attraction are Islamic scholars, historians, and students.

Weather at Abdullahi Fodio Tomb

Abdullahi Fodio Tomb is located at Kebbi state which is at the North-West region of Nigeria. Usually, this region experience two kind of seasons which is the rainy and dry season. the rainy season comes between the month of May till August while the dry season comes from the month of October till April.



Gwandu, Gwandu Local Government Area.

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