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A Guide To Exploring Shoprite, Ibadan

A Guide To Exploring Shoprite, Ibadan was established in , Built by in .

Shoprite Group of companies is one of the biggest retail stores in Nigeria. Although owned by a South African, it has grown widely in various states in Nigeria. It began as a business in Nigeria in 2005 at Surulere Lagos. Ever since then, other outlets have been established in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria including Ibadan. It is a good spot to get everything you want in just one place. Items ranging from household goods, foodstuffs, provision, drinks, grocery, and other assorted goods.

Located in Ibadan (opposite Highcourt, Ringroad, Ibadan) and Cocoa Mall(Bank road, Dugbe, Ibadan), Shoprite provide quality goods and services to its customers. They operate by their slogan "lower prices you can trust". Shoprite has made a mark in the retailing business in Nigeria.

Opening Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm

Phone Number: 02 291 8704

Things you can buy at Shoprite Ibadan

Hair and Beauty Products

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Shoprite offers a variety of hair and beauty products ranging from luxurious and affordable hair and beauty products.


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Shoprite sells a wide variety of groceries in Ibadan. You can shop for your neatly parked groceries in Shoprite.

Liquor and Drinks

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Shoprite has a variety of liquors. This includes different varieties of wines and spirits and other brands of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Children Toys and Wears

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You can also shop for your baby wears and toys in any of the Shoprite Malls in Ibadan, they have different amazing toys and wears for your kids.

Fruits and Vegetables

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Shoprite sells healthy fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer's source. Visit any of the Shoprite outlets in Ibadan to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables.

Perfumes and Toiletries

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You can also get your favorite perfumes and toiletries in Shoprite Ibadan. They sell different brands of perfumes (both luxurious and affordable ones).

Foreign Ground Coffee

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Shoprite in Ibadan sells one of the world's finest coffee with an inviting aroma and an amazing taste.

Other sections in Ibadan Shoprite include:

  • Meats
  • Baked goods
  • Ready to eat meals
  • Food items e.g a bottle of groundnut oil, food seasonings, etc.
  • Smartphones, Laptops and other Computer Equipment
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.

Other Shoprite services

Shoprite offers other transactional services like:

  • Quickteller

With the Shoprite quick teller, you can easily settle all your monthly bills using the service.

  • Buy Airtime

Shoprite also allows you to buy airtime from any of its stores nationwide including the Ibadan branch. If you want to buy airtime, go to any of the Shoprite outlets in Ibadan and get a voucher then buy any amount of airtime you want from all networks in Nigeria.

  • Shoprite Gift Vouchers

With Shoprite vouchers, you can pick and choose from a range of Shoprite products.

Best time to visit Shoprite Ibadan

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You can visit Shoprite in Ibadan any time of the day within the working hours to do your shopping.

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