The Lennox Mall
The Lennox Mall
The Lennox Mall
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The LENNOX mall is a world class state-of-the-art facility which features luxurious retail shop spaces, elegant food
 court and restaurant, serene relaxation spot and nightlife entertainment area and so much more. This premium shopping and
 lifestyle destination occupies approximately 5,000 sqm of retail space on multiple floors.

 The LENNOX mall offers several advantages to retailers: a “Retail-centric” atmosphere, a range of convenient facilities, adequate
 car park space, ease of access to customers and so much more. Its avant-garde exterior design makes it an architectural
 attraction to behold, offering a functionality that combines retail and a landmark feature for Lagosians. The essentially H-
 shaped structure overlooks both Admiralty Way and Layi Yusuf Street, while the rooftop offers unrivalled panoramic scenery
 of Lekki, Ikoyi, Cowrie Creek and Victoria Island all combined.

 Tenants: Hubmart stores, Cafe One, Hansandrene, Milano's Pizza, Delphi Metals, Fundermentals lingerie, Sapphire Scents,
 Buttons Preferred

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