E-Center, Lagos.

1-11 Commercial Avenue, Yaba

E-Center Description

History of E-Center

E-Center was built in 2008. It is notable as the venue for the popular Ozone Cinemas.

There are not many shopping malls that give you as much all-around fun experience as E-Center offers. From the various shopping stores to the Telcoms and banking centers, the 'E' just might stand for Entertainment.

Security/Safety of E-Center

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Cash or Debit/Credit card
  • A selfie stick with your camera because the background is well lighted.

Things to do while at E-Center

  • Have a stroll and view the goods on displays in the various stores
  • Watch a movie
  • Have your meals between office hours in the food court

Best Features

Asides its crown jewel, Ozone Cinemas, the center provides spots to play indoor games like snooker, video games, a bar outside for evening chills, a laundromat etc.

Writer's Review

It is also close to the prestigious University of Lagos and so a favorite hangout spot for the students.

Most common visitors

Feel among with other people here to have relax from the stress of their daily lives.

  • "Good chill-out place" - Akinsola Oladapo
  • "It is the main destination for the mainland residents for its proximity to their homes during any of the national or religious holidays" - Olanrewaju Olatunde


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1-11 Commercial Avenue, Yaba

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