Palms Shopping Mall, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Palms Shopping Mall, BIS Way, Oniru, Lagos State.

Palms Shopping Mall, Lagos Description


Palms Shopping Centre is a world-class mall owned by Tayo Amusan, the Chairman of Persianas Properties. It is located at Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Cinema was established in 2006 and it comprises 70 businesses with a large product range. Products such as clothes, fruits, food, electronic devices, gift items, and household items. Also, there is a six-screen cinema where you can enjoy the best of local and foreign movies.

The world-class mall provides a family-friendly ambience. It is a very secure location for a good time shopping. Every year the mall witnesses thousands of customer influx. It is the number one location in Lagos for your weekly or annual shopping. You can also visit this mall with your date for a great time at the cinema with a great movie and some popcorn to munch.


Palms Shopping Mall is a leisure spot for families. It is not just a shopping mall, it's more. Never has a shopping mall been more sophisticated with lots of exciting activities. Every year, there are loads of exciting events that happen at the mall.
In 2019, Palms Shopping Mall organized an art exhibition fair in partnership with renowned artists in Nigeria like Abiola Oladorun, Ayo Filade and Nike Art Gallery.

The six-screen cinema is open to movie lovers and all who want to have a nice, cool time watching some drama.


  • Home to 70 businesses with awesome products
  • Serene ambience
  • Exquisite six-screen cinema
  • Very large parking space


Palms Shopping Mall is open to everyone and anyone who wants to shop or hang out. Families, couples, friends and tourists are welcome to tour the standard Lagos Mall.


You can visit Palms Shopping Mall every day of the week. 

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm


Palms Shopping Mall is a very secure location for shopping and leisure. On-guard security officials are present to guard the mall and ensure the safety of all within. Also, the shopping mall is located at a very safe location.




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The Palms Shopping Mall, BIS Way, Oniru, Lagos State.

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