Owerri Mall

About Owerri Mall

Shopping just got easier, cheaper and fun since the mall started operations. With 45 trading outfits at the mall, there is almost nothing you need at to buy that you won't get at the mall. The government in conjunction with the company that built the mall have tried to make sure the mall is easily accessed by all. There have been construction of connecting roads and building of drainage to deal with flooding issues that plagues the area the mall is built, this has been done to make sure you don't have difficulties shopping.


This is relatively safe location.

Things to Do

Get groceries from stores at the mall, get gifts from gift shops, watch movies, eat at a restaurant at the mall.
What to Bring
Before heading to the Owerri Mall, here is a list of helpful things to bring along with you;
Grocery bag,
Cash or credit/debit cards,
Friends to make the visit fun.

Best Features

The variety of outlets at the mall ensures you never run out of things to do or buy. The mall also has a large parking space.

Best Time to Visit Owerri Mall

The best time to visit the mall is during the period from 9am to 9pm when the stores are all open for operations.

Most Common Visitors

Shopaholics, fun lovers, movie lovers, families are the most common visitors at the mall.

Why You Should Visit

To get your everyday needs, have a nice hangout with friends and loved ones. 


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