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Otamiri River

About Otamiri River The Otamiri River is named after the Otamiri deity which loathes evil. Because the deity abhors evil, it is believed that the river drowns evil perpetrators who come to the land. This is done to cleanse the land of all evil.  This river runs from Egbu where it has it’s major base or Ishi mmiri rather as it is called in the Igbo Language, through to Nekede, Ihiagwa, Eziobodo, Olokwu Umuisi, Mgbirichi, Umuagwo, and finally to Ozuzu in Etche town of Rivers State of Nigeria, where it finally joins the Atlantic Ocean. The Otamiri watershed covers about 10,000 square kilometres (3,900 sq mi) and is mostly covered by rainforest vegetation and is joined by the Nworie River at Nekede in Owerri, a river about 9.2 kilometres (5.7 mi) long. The water is used as a source of drinking water  and other purposes by members of the community, it also serves as a major boundary between the community and it’s surrounding communities such as Obinze. Safety It is a very safe location but visitors are advised not to go too deep into the river. Things to Do While at the Otamiri river, guests can swim, relax and take from the water as the water is very pure. What to Bring Before heading to the Otamiri river, here are some things to go along with; water bottle, camera to capture the moments, swim wear. Best Features The purity of the water is surreal. Popular Events at The Otamiri River Onunu festival and Odu festival are common events that take place at the river. Most Common Visitors The most common visitors here are fun lovers, families, class groups. Why You Should Visit To have a good time with loved ones.

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