Lagoon Hospital, Victoria Island, Lagos.

11A Idejo Street, Off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island

Lagoon Hospital, Victoria Island Description

About Lagoon Hospital, Victoria Island

Lagoon hospital is one of the biggest healthcare companies in Nigeria owned by the Hygeia group. The Lagoon Hospital, Apapa was established in 1986 and is the flagship hospital. It was then followed by Lagoon Hospital, Ikeja, and Lagoon Hospital Victoria Island. The group has since added two new locations: Lagoon Clinics in Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, and Lagoon Specialist Suites in Victoria Island bringing a total of 5 locations to date. Lagoon hospital gives the best care to its patients and makes sure patients' health is their priority. The hospital is the first hospital in Nigeria to successfully perform open-heart surgery. 


There is no threat to safety here, rather lives are saved here.

Things to Do

Go for medical checkups, visit friends who have been hospitalised, go for treatment, and give charity.

What to Bring

Before heading to Lagoon Hospital, Victoria Island, here are some helpful things to take along with you; hospital card, cash or credit/debit cards.

Best Features

The hospital is equipped with the best facilities to ensure quality service is delivered to the patients. The hospital has Electronic Medical Records to ensure easy access to patients and clients records which reduces waiting time and increases space in the hospital which makes the hospital environment conducive.

Best Time to Visit Lagoon Hospital, Victoria Island

The hospital runs for 24 hours, visitors can visit the hospital at any time.

Most Common Visitors

The most common visitors are health workers, families and friends of patients, doctors, nurses and patients.

Why You Should Visit

For the best surgical and general care in the best environment possible, you should visit the hospital. 


Medical check up


11A Idejo Street, Off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island

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