First Consultant Hospital, Lagos.

16/24, Ikoyi Road

First Consultant Hospital Description

About First Consultant Hospital

First Consultant Hospital was established in 1982. It is notable as the hospital where the Ebola virus disease patient Patrick Sawyer was taken after becoming ill on arrival in Lagos.

Built by Dr Ohiaeri.

This is a 40-bed private clinic on Lagos Island that practices general medicine.

Security/Safety of First Consultant Hospital

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Your medical reports and documents
  • Extra pair of clothes

Best Features

This two-storey, red-bricked private hospital provides general care in all fields of Internal Medicine

  • The services rendered by the hospital are excellent - Mrs Oby
  • The professional doctors in this hospital prevented a large scale outbreak in Nigeria! Thank you! - Lope


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16/24, Ikoyi Road

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