Mapo Hall, Oyo.

Old Quarter

Mapo Hall Description

History of Mapo Hall

Mapo Hall was built on October 5, 1929, by Engineer Robert Taffy Jones. It is known as a center for social events in Ibadan.

Mapo Hall is a colonial-style building located atop Mapo hill in Ibadan, Nigeria. It is said that no political rally is complete without a stop at Mapo hall.

Security/Safety of Mapo Hall

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Agbada or other native attires.

Things to do while at Mapo Hall

  • Attend a wedding
  • Organize a wedding.
  • Take beautiful pictures or selfies.

Best Features

It is a place for social events.

Writer's Review

To go for Saturday owambe!

Most common visitors

Caterers, Wedding guests, Politicians are the usual faces here.

  • If your wedding is not at Mapo hall, it is not a wedding- Nancy, an event planner.

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Old Quarter

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