Ibadan Civil Centre

Agodi Gate, Iwo Road, Ibadan

Ibadan Civil Centre Description

History of Ibadan Civil Centre

Ibadan Civil Centre was established in 2009.

Built by Chief Daisi in 2009.

Searching for that perfect event place in Ibadan? Come check out this major landmark and beautiful premier event centre adorning Ibadan's landscape.

Security/Safety of Ibadan Civil Centre

This is a very safe location.

  • Dress according to the occassion
  • What To Bring

    Before heading to Ibadan Civil Centre, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • If you are a guest, bring along your Invitation Card
  • Come along with a Camera to capture the event and lovely sights
  • Best Features

    The first world-class civic centre within Ibadan city, the architectural uniqueness of this edifice was drawn from Roman-styled designs with columns and chandeliers all in white that gives a majestic look to the centre. It features four main halls including the famous Agbeke Hall which is on the ground floor and consists of a 2,000-seater venue that is exquisitely decorated for high class events. It comes with banquet chairs and tables with a stage. There is also the 3 other 400-seater conference rooms on the upper floor. These are ideal for smaller crowd functions like engagement parties and others. The centre also boasts of a car park space for about 500 cars inside the premises with armed and private security round the clock.

    Writer's Review

    The centre is beautiful, easily accessible, and manned by well trained and courteous staff adept at the business at hand and concerned mainly with customer satisfaction.

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    Agodi Gate, Iwo Road, Ibadan

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