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Indutrial Training Fund
Indutrial Training Fund
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About The Industrial Training Fund

The Industrial Training Fund was established to help in generating skilled indigenous manpower that would be useful in the different sectors of the nation,they also raise training consciousness in the country. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and is located at Ademola Adetokunbo Cres,Wuse Abuja FCT.

History of The Industrial Training Fund

ITF was first established in 1971 and has been operating under  the context of its enabling laws Decree 47 of 1971 as Amended in the 2011 ITF ACT. It began as a Parastatal 'B' in 1971 when it was established but has risen to a Parastatal 'A' in 1981 with a Director General as the head.


ITF is relatively safe.

Things To Do

People go for skill training and seminars there and students go to get their SIWES log book signed.It is advisable to go with a proper means of identification,a note pad and documents.  

Best Time to Visit The Industrial Training Fund

The best time to visit would be during working hours.  

Most Common Visitors

The most common visitors include students,trainees,government officials.

Why You Should Visit

There is an opportunity for training and to get the proper endorsement for the students.

Weather at Industrial Training Fund

Industrial Training Fund is located in Abuja North-Central of Nigeria.Thus, it experiences three weather conditions every year. This includes a warm, humid rainy season and a blistering dry season.  In between the two, there is a brief interlude of harmattan occasioned by the northeast trade wind, with the main feature of dust haze and dryness. Temperatures can drop to as low as 16 degrees during the harmattan period.

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