Nigerian Ports Authority, Departamento de Tercero Arriba.

26/28 Marina, Lagos

Nigerian Ports Authority Description

About The Nigerian Ports Authority

NPA is a federal government body responsible for regulating port activities,cargo handling and management,Port storage ,endure the safety of the ports and harbours. It is usually situated at the harbours of oceans and it is located at Tincan Island, Port Harcourt, Lagos ,Rivers,Delta nad Onne ports.

History of The Nigerian Ports Authority

The Nigerian Port Authority was established as a continuous Public Corporation by the Ports Act of 1954 as a need for a regulatory body for the [previously established ports arose.Port activities however began in Nigeria in the middle 19th century with the opening up of the Lagos Lagoon in 1910.


The NPA is a safe place to visit.  

Best Time to Visit The Nigerian Ports Authority

The best time to visit the NPA is during working hours when port activities are its peak.  

Most Common Visitors

The most common visitors are government officials,business man with containers at the port.  

Weather at The Nigerian Ports Authority

Nigerian Ports Authority is located at the South-West part of Nigeria. This region has two seasons which are the dry and rainy season. The rainy season comes from the month of May till early August while the dry season comes from the month of October till April. Usually, between the month of December and February Harmattan comes along.



26/28 Marina, Lagos

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