Nigerian Meteorological Agency
Nigerian Meteorological Agency
Nigerian Meteorological Agency
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About The Nigerian Meterological Agency

The Nigerian Meterological Agency advises projects, preparations and government policy of the federal government on all aspects of meteorology. It also issues weather and climate forecasts for the safe operations of aircrafts, sea vessels and rigs. The Agency's responsibilities also include observing, collating, collecting, processing and disseminating all meteorological data and information concerning the country.

History of The Nigerian Meterological Agency

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency was formed by an Act of the National Assembly – NIMET (Establishment) ACT 2003, enacted on 21st May 2003, and became effective on 19th June 2003 following Presidential assent.


The NIMET is located in a very safe place, there is not a threat to security here.

Best Time to Visit The Nigerian Meterological Agency

It is best to Visit NIMET during working hours, when corporate activities take place.

Most Common Visitors

Staff, aviation stakeholders and government officials are fixtures at the NIMET offices, visitors here will most likely meet one of this group here during working hours.

Weather at The Nigerian Meterological Agency

Nigerian Meteorological Agency is located in Abuja North-Central of Nigeria.Thus, it experiences three weather conditions every year.  This includes a warm, humid rainy season and a blistering dry season.  In between the two, there is a brief interlude of harmattan occasioned by the northeast trade wind, with the main feature of dust haze and dryness. Temperatures can drop to as low as 16 degrees during the harmattan period.

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