Jaji Military Cantonment

Zaria Road, Jaji

Jaji Military Cantonment Description

History of Jaji Military Cantonment

Jaji Military Cantonment.

As a military base, this camp is a place where troops of various size and complexity in the Nigerian Military and their families are quartered.

Security/Safety of Jaji Military Cantonment

This is a very safe location.

Best Features

It features housing accommodations for the various military personnel and their families. It also features large open spaces for military drills, healthcare centres, religion centres and educational centres for the residents in the barracks.

Writer's Review

It is a serene and quiet place. Apart from the guarantee of safety, one also enjoys the abundant military disciple displayed in the camp. It is kept clean and noise is kept at a bare minimum. The health centres are also relatively cheaper and less crowded than private and public hospitals respectively. One can also befriend a soldier, enjoy their tales and company and even get fit under military supervision!




Zaria Road, Jaji

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