Gombe State University

Gombe State University

The motto "Primus Inter Pares" means "First Among Equals".

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Mbormi Battle Ground

Mbormi Battle Ground

This is one of the five Nigerian sites that has been proposed to be enlisted into the World Islamic Heritage list, along with Hubbaren Shehu, Gobarau Minaret, Sheikh Alimi Mosque complex, and Fanisau Palace Mosque.

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Gombe Lawanti International Airport

Gombe Lawanti International Airport

Recently built along the Bauchi to Gombe road by the village of Lawanti, it is one of the major airports linking Northern Nigeria to the rest of Nigeria.

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Emir of Gombe Palace

Emir of Gombe Palace

This architectural wonder was built by the 10th Emir of Gombe, Shehu Usman Abubakar.

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Abubakar Umar Memorial Stadium

Abubakar Umar Memorial Stadium

Formerly the home stadium of Gombe F.C, this is a multi-use stadium mostly used for local football matches.

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Gombe State Government Secretariat

This is the permanent administrative office of the Gombe State Government. Here, all state agencies and parastatals are quartered. As such, this is one of the most important place in the state.

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Federal High Court, Gombe

This is a premier court of first instance, that is generally a court of original jurisdiction. Headquartered in Abuja, this is the Gombe state division of the court and it is presided over by a Chief Judge who is assisted by other Judges.

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Lake Dadin Kowa

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Lame Burra Game Reserve

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Ashaka Cement Plc

AshakaCem Plc is a cement manufacturing company focused on providing creative, qualitative solutions to MEET the needs stakeholders. We have been participating in the economic growth and development of Nigeria for over three decades and operate in the manufacturing, sales and marketing sectors. We are proud of our commercial expertise, efficiency, and technical skills and have achieved good results by conducting our business with an unwavering commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders and community.

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Federal Government Girls College, Bajoga

Federal Government Girls College, Bajoga is a federal government-owned secondary school located in Bajoga Gombe State, Nigeria. Bajoga is a town and a local government headquarters of Funakaye in the Northern part of Gombe State, Nigeria. It is nearby the Ashaka Cement factory.FGGC Bajoga is one of the unity schools established by the federal government since 1974 to cater specifically for the girl child education.

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Federal Government College, Billiri

Federal Government College Billiri, Gombe State is one of the two Federal Government owned Unity Colleges in Gombe run by the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria. The college is known for excellence in the total education of the student populace and has successfully created equal gender opportunities for them in various fields of endeavour such as Medicine, Engineering, Law, Architecture, accounting etc

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