Kainji lake national park, Niger.

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Kainji National Park is a national park in Niger State and Kwara State, Nigeria. Established in 1978, it covers an area of about 5,341 km2 (2,062 sq mi). The park includes three distinct sectors: a part of the Kainji Lake in which fishing is restricted, the Borgu Game Reserve to the west of the lake, and the Zugurma Game Reserve to the southeast. Kainji National Park was established in 1978 and is divided into three distinct sectors, the Zugurma Game Reserve, the Borgu Game Reserve and Kainji Lake. Since 2005, the protected area has been considered a Lion Conservation Unit together with Yankari National Park. The park is owned by the state and managed by the Federal National Park Service (FNPS), receiving direct government funding. This means that enforcement actions against poachers can be pursued under national park law and not in the local courts. The Kainji national park established from a merge of two game reserves is home to a variety of wild life ranging from elephants to monkeys, baboons and lions. It is a conservation center aimed at promoting the biodiversity of Nigerian wildlife. Trivia: The Kainji national park is located near the famous Kainji hydroelectric dam.


There are no services rendered here as the national forest is not properly managed.


Kainji National Park has it beautiful environment full with all kinds of animals around the forest


Kainji National Park can be visited at any time of the year


Historians, Photographers, couples, tourists, and fun lovers


Kainji National Park is not safe at night as there are no security agents around the forest and one needs to be extremely careful

See wildlife

Explore nature




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