Ososo Tourist center, Edo.

Egbetua, Akoko-Edo local government, Edo state

Ososo Tourist center Description


This centre is located atop the rocky area of Ososo in Akoko-Edo local government, north of Edo state. It presents beautiful scenery for nature lovers and rock climbers. The tourist centre is an offshoot of a colonial rest house built in the 1930s. The first phase of a massive renovation was commissioned in 1993 with a VIP lodge four chalets and the main lounge consisting of a kitchen, restaurant and bar. Ososo is a hilly and rocky town situated on the boundary between Edo and Kogi states. There is a non-catering rest house on top of a hill of Ososo which provides a wide and spectacular view of parts of Kogi state.

Ososo town is of granitic nature, with some elevations of volcanic origin containing precious stones of varied descriptions. Located on a plateau of dispersed rocks and undulating hills, the town continues to be a haven for tourists. Because of its rocks and climate, some Europeans established a quarry company north of the town, known as BOK Quarry some years ago. The rocks and hills of varied sizes and shapes occupy the plateau with the natural magical posture of a thousand models posing to nature’s camera. The colonial administrations as early as the 19th century recognised the tourist potential of Ososo and built the then Rest House which was a sort -after holiday haven for most of the white people working in Nigeria at that time.


One of its important services is to help organize your visit and create a memorable stay, there is a gift shop where things are bought and also provides a relaxation center where you have fun.


Ososo tourist centre, with its rocky hills and lush greens, is a top choice destination for mountain climbers, picnic goers or nature enthusiasts. For people keen on seeing the River Niger, the Ososo tourist center also affords you that panoramic view from the top.


It can be visited anytime of the year whenever there is tourist


Historians, Photographers, couples, children (with proper supervision), tourists, and fun lovers


It is a safe location .

Explore nature

See wildlife




Egbetua, Akoko-Edo local government, Edo state

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