Afi Wildlife Sanctuary, Cross River.

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Formerly part of the Afi River Forest Reserve, Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 2000 to provide improved protection to important populations of several endangered species including the critically endangered Cross River gorilla, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, the drill and the grey-necked rockfowl.

Afi comprises roughly 100km² of lowland and sub-montane forest with rocky peaks rising to altitudes of 1,300m. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary and the surrounding Afi River Forest Reserve constitute one of the largest forest blocks left in Cross River State, outside of the national park. Afi is currently managed by the Cross River State Forestry Commission/Ministry of Climate Change and Forestry. Although the steep mountainous slopes of the sanctuary have largely protected it from logging the forest is frequently damaged by dry-season bush fires set to clear new farms or to flush game.

Open areas created by fire are quickly colonized by herb species which form an important staple food for gorillas. On the western flank of the mountain is a large grassland roost of migratory European barn swallows, estimated to contain up to 20 million birds at times and reputed to be the largest wintering roost site of swallows in Africa. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by 16 communities with a total population of approximately 27,000.


There are no services rendered here as the Afi wildlife sanctuary is not properly managed.



Afi wildlife sanctuary has a beautiful environment filled with all kinds of animals around the forest.


Afi wildlife sanctuary can be visited any time of the year.


Afi wildlife sanctuary can be visited by Tourists, Historians etc.


Afi wildlife sanctuary is not safe at night as there are no security agents around the forest and one needs to be extremely careful.


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