Onigambari Forest Reserve, Oyo.

Ijebu Ode-Idi Ayunre Road

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About Onigambari Forest Reserve

The Onigambari Forest Reserve was declared from Ibadan Forest Reserve by a resolution of the Ibadan city council passed in September 1899. A month later, the Mamu portion was added and to the government by deed of gift. Both sections were consolidated to form Gambari Forest Reserve in 1953 making a total area of 125.62 km2.
This is a forest reserve known for its untamed wildness and the abundance of nature. A place that holds interest because of the different species of trees and plants, it is a great place for nature daredevils who seek a thrilling adventure exploring the wonders of a forest untainted by man. Onigambari Forest Reserve is located between latitude 7°261N and longitude 3°51E. The plot lies within Gambari Forest Reserve about 17k m south-east of Ibadan on the Idi-Ayunre-Ijebu-Ode road, Oyo State. It was laid about 2k m away from the nearest road well obscured by some forest fallows in the neighbourhood.


There are no services rendered here as the forest is not properly managed.


 It has a very beautiful green environment


It can be visited at any time of the year


Historians, tourists


It is not safe at night as there are no security agents around the forest and one needs to be extremely careful

Explore nature

Meet friends


See wildlife


Ijebu Ode-Idi Ayunre Road

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