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Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Boje Boke, Cross river
Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary was established in , Built by in .

About Afi Mountain WIldlife Sanctuary

 The Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary was legally created by the government of Cross river state in May 2000 (~100 sq km) from the northwest portion of the Afi river forest reserve. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary and the surrounding Afi River Forest Reserve constitute one of the largest forest blocks left in Cross River State, outside of the national park. Today, the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary stands as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Nigeria and the best protected area for drills in the world.

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary can be visit by all classes of people including couples, children , tourists, historians, photographers, fun lovers. and the elderly.

The Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary takes protecting endangered wildlife very importantly. It is home to a host of primates which include the critically endangered Cross River gorilla, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, the drill and the grey-necked rockfowl. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is listed as an Important Bird Area for Nigeria and hosts one of the largest migratory swallow roosts in Africa.


The Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is available to stay in if you want to make a visit for more than one day, where accommodation is provided in the form of cabins. They also have a walkway running through the forest canopy, 25 metres above the jungle floor - a great way to experience this breathtaking location.

Best features

There are many variety of animal wildlife present here. It is also a very beautiful place to connect with nature.

Who Can Visit

Historians, Photographers, couples, children (with proper supervision) , tourists, and fun lovers.

Best Time To Visit

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary can be visited at anytime so far the tour guard is available to take guests around. There are good sights to capture, explore nature and wildlife.


This is a very safe location, guests are advised not to feed the animals on their own. There are security agents around the wildlife sanctuary. 

Entry Fee

₦0 - ₦1,000

Ways Of Travel

car, motorcycle, bus, tricycle


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