Pandam Wildlife Park, Plateau.

Lafia-Shandam Road, Pandam

Pandam Wildlife Park Description


Pandam Wildlife Park in Qua’an Pan Local Government Area of Plateau State is one of the largest game reserves in Nigeria. It was designated in 1972 by the then Military Governor of Benue-Plateau, Joseph Gomwalk, of blessed memory. The Park covers a land mass of about 224sq Km of untouched savanna wetlands and forest and is home to many species of wild animals, including antelopes, shy duikers, warthogs and monkeys living in the natural environment. Apart from these, hippopotamus and the rare African manatee are found inside the freshwater of Pandam Lake. It is indeed an interesting sight for tourists who would like to see the brilliantly colored parrots and other rare bird species in the park. The park has over the years provided a place for visitors to learn about the beauty of nature and enjoy the natural environment. Parks such as the one in Pandam exist to ensure that pleasure seekers, now and in the future, are able to experience for themselves their country’s rich natural heritage.


The Services rendered in Pandam Game Reserve and Wild Park are; Picnic with family and friends, Game viewing, Canoeing.


This is one of the most important wildlife conservation sites in Nigeria.  They offer the following features Picnic with family and friends, Game viewing, Canoeing.


It can be visited at any time of the year


Historians, Tourists


It is a safe location

Explore nature

Meet friends


See wildlife


Lafia-Shandam Road, Pandam

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