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Ikogosi Warm Springs

About Ikogosi Warm Springs 'You are hot, and you are cold.' Lyrics? No. The Ikogosi warm springs has two streams (hot and cold) flowing side by side, meeting at a confluence each - of which keeps it thermal properties and then flowing out. With its lush vegetations and resorts, it has become a prime tourist destination. Researches indicate that the warm spring has a temperature of 70 degrees celsius at its origin and 37 degreses celsius at its confluence. History of Ikogosi Warm Springs Ikogosi Warm Springs was discovered in 1952. It is notable as a prime tourist destination consisting of two side by side springs (warm and cold). Safety This is a very safe location. Things to Do/What to Bring Relax and be amused by the wonders of nature. Visitors can go along with a keg to the resort to fetch the warm water because of their belief  in the efficacy as an elixir of skin ailment, aches, infertility, arthritis and hypertension. Best Features The hot and cold springs flowing side by side and meeting at a confluence. Most Common Visitors The most common visitors are tourists. Why You Should Visit To enjoy nature and fetch water from the warm spring. Weather at Ikogosi Warm Spring kogosi Warm Spring is located at Ekiti which is in the South-West region of the country. This region experience two seasons which are the rainy and dry season. The rainy season come heavily from the month of May, June, July. While the dry season usually comes between the month of October up until April

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Club 15 and Dynamic Lounge

History of Club 15 and Dynamic Lounge Club 15 and Dynamic Lounge was established in 2012. Here is a spot that delivers fun in a luxurious and relaxed environment for leisure seekers and diners. Security/Safety of Club 15 and Dynamic Lounge This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Club 15 and Dynamic Lounge, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Cash or Debit/Credit card Dancing shoes Friends and more friends Camera for some lovely selfies Best Features Housing a lovely open lounge and an exclusive indoor club, fun lovers make a beehive straight to the gates here for a great after-work time with pals and colleagues. Writer's Review The indoor club 'Club 15' is a major spot in Ekiti's nitelife scene as they provide as much fun as the best clubs in Lagos and Abuja. Catering to the top-class and classy revelers Ekiti has to offer, it hosts private parties and wild night in a premium environment. Johnnie Walker even hosted their 'The Podium' party here in 2016. Dynamic Lounge is King of Nitelife!. Exclusive club that does not bore your day - Atoki Ibrahim Brown It is cool. A chilled and nice place - Morenike Fatoba

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TakeAway Bite and Eat

History of TakeAway Bite and Eat TakeAway Bite and Eat. As the name suggests, this is a popular eatery for homemade snacks or belly-filling lunch meals. Security/Safety of TakeAway Bite and Eat This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to TakeAway Bite and Eat, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Cash or Debit/Credit card Your hungry pals Best Features Here is a cool and casual eatery that serves local meals in superb style to give you a home-away-from-home experience. Spotting an all-round Yellow look in the residential Adamolekun Estate, it caters to both young and old, promising delicious meals prepared just how we remember our mothers of old used to. Writer's Review A popular spot in Ado Ekiti, visitors and locals alike come together to enjoy great meals and great company in a warm environment. Their Moimoi is legendary. I keep asking how they make it but the waitresses will just give you that Mona Lisa smile - Mr. Edamekan

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Afe Babalola University

About Afe Babalola University Afe Babalola University fondly called 'ABUAD' is a non-profit, Federal Government Licensed, Private University established in 2009 by Afe Babalola, a Lawyer, and Philanthropist. With a vision “to lead education reform in Nigeria by providing a world-class educational centre of excellence in academic, character, sports and vocational development”, the University boasts of been the only University in Nigeria that moved to its permanent site prior to the issuance of provisional license by the Federal Government, and consequently received accreditation by the National Universities Commission (NUC) for its Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programmes. According to, ABUD ranks as the 29th University in the country, and 6200 in the world with an enrollment range of 5,000-5,999 students and an admission rate range of 90-100% making the University’s admission process less selective. ABUAD offers academic programmes in six (6) colleges namely, College of Social and Management Sciences; College of Law; College of Engineering; College of Science; College of Health Sciences; and a school of Postgraduate Studies. Graduating its first set of students totaling 101 in 2013, ABUD has grown over time to have a student population of over 6,000 students with groundbreaking achievements of academic excellence. Faculties At Afe Babalola University ABUAD runs a collegiate system, unlike other Nigerian Universities, slightly attracting students with its style of administration. Colleges at the University are as follows: College of Social and Management Sciences College of Science College of Law College of Engineering College of Medicine and Health Science Courses At Afe Afe Babalola ABUAD courses are accredited by NUC and other relevant professional bodies, and they are for officially recognized higher education degrees such as Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in several disciplines. The courses offered include the following: College of Social and Management Sciences Accounting Economics Political Science Sociology Business Administration Intelligence and Security Studies Communication and Media Studies Social Justice Programmes International Relations and Diplomacy Programmes, e.t.c. College of Science Biochemistry Microbiology Petroleum Chemistry Industrial Chemistry Mathematics Computer Science Geology Physics and Electronics Human Biology College of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Agricultural Engineering Computer Engineering Petroleum Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics Engineering College of Medicine and Health Sciences Anatomy Medical Laboratory Science Nursing Science Physiology Pharmacology and Therapeutics Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Facilities at ABUAD The facilities and resources at ABUAD include College buildings, College Hostels, Staff Quarters, College Laboratories, Academic Blocks, Counselling and Academic units. The University is also home to A Teaching Hospital. An Agricultural Farm. An Open CourseWare with links to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. An E-library: Which comprises of journals, articles, and an online repository. An Online access to free movies. A Talent Discovery Center ABUAD Inn: A five star Inn located on campus and was established to provide cutting-edge luxury accommodation to its customers. Auxiliary services such as staff and student cafeteria, a bakery, a laundry room, a water processing plant; And a host of other standard facilities. Admission Requirements Into Afe Babalola University ABUAD Undergraduate Admission Requirements: Prospective applicants are required to have a minimum of five O’ level Credits in Mathematics, English and three other subjects, at one sitting, and also attain the prescribed UTME cut-off mark for that year. It’s important to note that O’ level subject combinations and admission requirements vary across departments and colleges, with each one having their own admission requirement.   For prospective Direct- Entry level students, a Direct entry form from JAMB is a key requirement in your admission process, also candidates with HND, ND, JUPEB or A level are eligible to apply. Application forms for the 2017/2018 academic session sell at the cost of N10,500 and should be paid to the provided account numbers. ABUAD Postgraduate Admission Requirements: Asides the compulsory requirement of a minimum of five O’ level Credits in Mathematics, English and other related subjects, there are specific admission requirements for different postgraduate degree programmes. The General requirements are as follows: For Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Programmes Candidates with Bachelor’s degree from any NUC approved institution must obtain a minimum of a third class degree in a relevant discipline; while HND holders must obtain a minimum of Lower Credit.   For Master’s Degree Programmes Applicants with Bachelor’s degree from ABUAD or any NUC approved institution must obtain a minimum of Second Class Lower Division in a relevant discipline. Candidates with a Third Class Division or an HND with a PGD at a weighted average of 50% may be considered for admission. Candidates are also advised to prepare themselves for an oral or written examination and must show a high level of intellectual capability and maturity. For details and Information about admission requirements and eligibility; application forms; courses and programmes; partnership and inquiries, visit the University’s website at Other Things To Note About ABUAD “For travelers who intend to visit/ prospective students; here are a few things to note”: Safety/Security The University is located in a secure location. Maximum security is guaranteed. What To Bring Before heading to Afe Babalola University, here are a few things to come along with: Books and Other Educational materials Things To Do While At ABUAD Enroll for part-time or full-time course(s) Study Make Inquiries Attend academic, social and religious event(s) Make extensive use of the library for academic and research purposes School Fees At ABUAD For The 2017/2018 Academic Session Schools Fees For Fresh Undergraduates based on accommodation preference include: Law: N1,472,000 - N1,672,000 Medicine: 1,749,000 - N1,947,000 Engineering: N1,247,000 - N1,447,000 Sciences and Health Sciences: N897,000 - N1,097,000 School Fees For Returning Students based on accommodation preference include: Law: N1,436,000 - N1,636,000 Medicine: N1,686,000 - N1,886,000 Engineering: N1,186,000 - N1,386,000 Science and Health Sciences: N836,000 - 1,036,000 The school fees include tuition fee, medicals, library card, development levy, sports fees, accommodation and other miscellaneous fees. More details about ABUAD school fees for 2017/2018 academic session can be found on the University's website. Best Features The University named after its founder Aare Afe Babalola is located on 130 hectares of land and is regarded as Africa’s fastest-growing private University. Notable Milestones ABUAD is the first University in West Africa to run Mechatronics programme as a degree course. Based on the brilliant and stimulating presentations by the ABUAD representatives at the Oxford Symposium, the University School, Oxford unanimously endorsed ABUAD to play host to the 2016 and third edition of the Oxford Symposium. The University established an Agricultural Enterprise comprising of fish farms and cash crop farms. Writer’s Review It features state-of-the-art facilities making the University an ideal learning institute for all students. Notable landmark achievements attract parents and students to the institution.

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Crawford University (Ekiti)

History of Crawford University (Ekiti) Crawford University (Ekiti) was established in 2005. Built by Paul Akazue in 2005. Crawford University is a private University of the Apostolic Faith Mission, licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The University is committed to academic excellence and the highest levels of discipline and morals. Security/Safety of Crawford University (Ekiti) This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Crawford University (Ekiti), here are some helpful things to take along with you: Academic documents cash/credit cards Best Features I love this place because the University is committed to academic excellence and the highest levels of discipline and moral. Writer's Review i would recommend this place if you are looking for a school that relates its activities to the social, cultural and economic needs of the people of Nigeria in particular. Most common visitors Students and Lecturers.

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Ekiti State University

About Ekiti State University Ekiti State University, popularly called EKSU, was primarily established as Obafemi Awolowo University by Governor M. A. Ajasin, the first Civilian Governor of Ondo State, in 1982. Following its establishment, the University has changed its name four times, from Obafemi Awolowo University to Ondo State University in 1985, the University of Ado-Ekiti in November 1999, and its present name Ekiti State University in September 2011. The change in administration in the State led to the name changes and other academic changes at the University. Therefore, EKSU can be said to have had its own fair share of political instability. A large number of courses at the institution are now accredited by NUC, why some enjoy interim accreditation pending when they meet up to the standards of NUC. These courses lead to officially recognized degrees such as Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in diverse fields. EKSU boasts of tremendous developments in terms of infrastructure, facilities, and services as it has enjoyed kind gestures from public and private organizations. Shell Petroleum recently established an Information Communication Technology Centre (ICT) in the University apart from the donations of NUC virtual library and Access Education who donated computers and servers to the University. EKSU is a very large co-educational institution with an enrollment range of 35,000-40,000 students, and has a highly selective admission policy, admitting 10-20% of its applicants. The University is also open to international applicants and provides several academic and non-academic facilities including, an extensive library, lecture halls and faculty buildings, halls of residence, staff quarters, sports facilities, as well as administrative services to staffs and students of the institution. Currently, EKSU ranks as the 32nd best University in the Country according to and is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Ekiti State University Faculties EKSU has quite a number of faculties offering accredited departmental courses in several disciplines. The University through sheer diligence and its intense pursuit of academic excellence have established the following faculties: Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Faculty of Arts Faculty of Education Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Law Faculty of Management Sciences Faculty of Science Faculty of Social Science College of Medicine. EKSU also has also made provisions for schools/programmes such as Postgraduate School, Part-time studies, Pre-Degree, Affiliate programmes, e.t.c. The courses offered in each faculty can be found below: Ekiti State University Courses Before thinking of applying for admission in any institution, you must be conversant with the courses offered and what the requirements are. Admission into EKSU is quite selective and as such, you should be well informed, and also meet up with the requirements for your course of study. To help you, find below a detailed list of departments/courses offered in each faculty at EKSU: Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Economics and Extension Services. Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Forest Resources and Wildlife Management Faculty of Arts English and Literary Studies French History and International Studies Linguistics and Nigerian Languages Philosophy Religious Studies Faculty of Education The three departments in the faculty jointly provide undergraduate courses leading to the award of B.A. (Ed), BSc. (Ed), and BEd Regular and Sandwich in the following courses: Education and Computer Science Education and Economics Education and Electrical and Electronics Technology Education and Mathematics Education and English Language Education and Mechanical and Auto Mechanical Technology Education Foundations and Management Educational Management Guidance and Counselling Human Kinetics and Health Education Industrial Technical Education… Faculty of Engineering Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Law Business and Industrial Law Public Law Faculty of Management Sciences Accounting Banking and Finance Business Administration Faculty of Social Sciences Economics Geography Political Science Psychology and Behavioural Studies Sociology Tourism and Hospitality Management Faculty of Science Biochemistry Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry Microbiology Physics Plant Science Zoology Geology Science Laboratory Technology Mathematical Sciences College of Medicine; offers a range of departmental courses in two facilities: (A) Faculty of Basic and Allied Medicine Anatomy Biochemistry Pathology, and Physiology (B) Faculty of Clinical Sciences Epidemiology and Community Health Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery Admission Requirements At Ekiti State University EKSU offers a broad range of academic courses for both full-time and part-time students. Although the admission requirements may differ in faculties and programmes, there are still some general requirements that you have to be familiar with if you are thinking of pursuing an academic career at the University. Before listing these requirements, it's advisable that you visit the institution regularly, or more conveniently go through the school’s website for precise details on admission requirement by faculties, the sale of application forms, date of entrance examination and lots more. For Prospective Undergraduates: As a prospective candidate seeking admission, its advisable that you go through specific admission requirements for the courses offered in the institution on the JAMB website, or the UTME Brochure published every year. Asides this, here are some general requirements: You are required to have at least 5 credit passes in your O’level result or its equivalent at no more than two sittings. The subjects passed should include English Language, Mathematics, and any other three, based on the subject combination for your desired course of study. You must register for JAMB, sit for the examination, and attain the prescribed JAMB cut-off mark for your course. The JAMB Cut-off mark for most of the courses in the institution for the 2017/2018 academic session was placed at 180, but scoring higher in JAMB will give you a better chance of gaining admission. Scoring the prescribed cut-off mark will make you eligible to; Sit for the Post-UTME examination organized by the institution. Bear in mind that you must attain the exact Post-UTME cut-off mark or preferably score higher so as to increase your chances of getting admitted. If successful, your name will come out on the admission list released and you’ll be informed on subsequent steps to take, you’ll mostly be contacted for an internal screening, and you might have to go with the following documents as well as copies of your passport photograph (16 copies preferably). The documents required for screening in the University include: -Original copy of your JAMB result slip. -Original documents of your O'Level Certificate. -Original Copy of your birth certificate or a sworn declaration of age. -Your secondary school testimonial. -Copies of your recent pass photograph (16 copies preferably). Please note that application forms for the 2017/2018 academic session are currently closed. The admission list for the 2017/2018 academic session has been released, and academic activities at the institution are in full swing. Further information about admission and related news would be posted on the University’s website or its student information portal. For Prospective Postgraduates  The University offers postgraduate programmes at PGD, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. The courses offered in these levels are relatively similar to the ones offered at the Undergraduate level with a few additions. The admission requirements for PG students at the institution isn’t so different from the general requirements requested in other universities. These requirements may include, obtaining 5 credit passes in SSCE/GCE or other equivalents, having a Bachelor degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower Division for PGD and Masters students or having a Masters degree with a minimum weighted average score of 60% for Ph.D. programmes. Asides all these, you may be requested to write an entrance examination depending on your proposed programme. Other requirements may also include, NYSC Discharge Certificate/ Exemption letter, and also your academic transcript. It's important to note that application forms for the 2017/2018 academic session are currently closed, and the admission list has been released by the institution. More details about the PG school at EKSU, PG admission requirements, programmes available and lots more can be found on the University’s website. Ekiti State University’s website can be found at . EKSU Facilities Ekiti State University is a well-structured higher institution with various facilities and service units at the disposal of staffs and students. In addition to over 7 halls of residence, an extensive library, administrative blocks, faculty buildings, lecture halls, cafeteria, and a teaching hospital; EKSU also houses the following: An Alumni Centre Lecture theatres:  The Education Trust Fund (ETF) now called TETFUND constructed a 1,200-seater and a 750- seater lecture theatre. An ICT Centre; built by Shell Petroleum The University Press A Botanical Garden The University Farm The University Health Services A Fire Service Institute and Research centers And lots more. Other Noteworthy Information Looking at taking a tour around EKSU, or are you a prospective student of the institution? Here are a few things to note: Safety It is located in a secure location What To Bring Confused on what to bring? Here are some helpful items to come along with: -Cash -Books and other Educational materials -Are you a Post-UTME candidate? You should come along with originals copies of your JAMB result slip, Post-UTME exam pass, a valid means of identification, writing materials, e.t.c. Things To Do Bothered about what you can do while at the University? Here are some things you can do: -Enroll in  full-time or part-time programme -Attend social and academic events -Make Inquiries -Visit places of interest. Best Time To Visit The University During office hours on weekdays, EKSU is open for visits, inquiries, study, and exploration. Most Common Visitors At EKSU, Students, Academic Scholars, Staffs, and Tourists are the most common faces around. Best Features Ekiti State University boasts as one of the well-organized state Universities in the country, and this is evident in the groundbreaking infrastructural developments. School Fees At EKSU School fees for the 2017/2018 academic session have recently been released by the institution, and students are advised on early payment in order to avoid extra charges.  Students at the institution still pay a moderate amount as tuition fee irrespective of the course or whether an indigene of not. The school fees schedule is as follows: -100 Level: N107,000 -200 Level: N 61,500 -300, 400, 500 and 600 Level: 56,000 It's important to note that fresh students are to pay an acceptance fee asides the tuition fee. Writer’s Review The University has shown tremendous development since its inception in 1982, I would recommend a trip or an academic career in this institution because it encourages the advancement of learning and holds out to everyone irrespective of race or sex.

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Ekiti State NYSC Secretariat

History of Ekiti State NYSC Secretariat Ekiti State NYSC Secretariat. This is the administrative office of the National Youth Service Corps in Ekiti. It oversees the welfare, documentation and the general affairs of youth corpers in the state. Security/Safety of Ekiti State NYSC Secretariat This is a very safe location. Always come in your NYSC uniform or you won't be attended to What To Bring Before heading to Ekiti State NYSC Secretariat, here are some helpful things to take along with you: All documents regarding NYSC including; Call-up letter, Registration documents, School's Certificate, Green Card and Student ID Card Copies of Passport Photographs Your NYSC ID Card Best Features While there are secretariats in all local governments in the state, this is the headquarters and so houses the State Coordinator, along with other high ranking state officials. It is here new corp members report to for 21 days of the Camping after which they get assigned to the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Weekly Community Development Service (CDS) are also held here, along with the NYSC sponsored Skills Acquisition Entrepreneurship Development program. This is also where to go if you have inquiries about the NYSC scheme in Ekiti State. Writer's Review As long as you are fully kitted in your NYSC uniform, you have no fear of being turned away. Different people have different tales of how they interacted with the officials and staff but I have found that a smile, knowledge of the local language, and an appealing face helps for a positive interaction. It will be wise to befriend one of the staff as you never know when an inside-ear will be needed. Most common visitors You will see a lot of Corps members, NYSC staff, SAED Instructors and hawkers here.

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Ekiti State Government Secretariat

History of Ekiti State Government Secretariat Ekiti State Government Secretariat. This is the permanent administrative office of the Ekiti State Government. Here, all state agencies and parastatals are quartered. As such, this is one of the most important place in the state. Security/Safety of Ekiti State Government Secretariat This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Ekiti State Government Secretariat, here are some helpful things to take along with you: A means of identification. Writer's Review Many, if not all government ministries and agencies operate from this imposing complex. If you have any business with the government, you will most likely find yourself here.

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Ureje Dam

History of Ureje Dam Ureje Dam. Located on the Ureje Lake, a few minutes from Ado Ekiti, this is reservoir important in controlling floods and releasing water in the dry season for the surrounding areas. Security/Safety of Ureje Dam This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Ureje Dam, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Waterproof bags for your gadgets Best Features The is a confluence of three streams. Most common visitors Tourists and fishermen frequent this location.

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Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti Continuous Education Center

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Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital

History of Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital was established in 2008. Built by the state government in 2008. Formerly known as The University Teaching Hospital, this is a tertiary health facility affiliated with Ekiti State University, that provides secondary and tertiary medical care, and is also involved in the training of high and middle level manpower for the health industry. Security/Safety of Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Medical files and records. An overnight bag with extra set of clothes in case you are admitted. Your medical necessities if you are a medical student. Best Features This is a general hospital that also offers a full program of teaching medical students. Some of its specialties include ENT, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, opthamology, vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) surgery and HIV care including antiretroviral treatment program. Most common visitors Medical practitioners, medical students, and ill people.

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Chicken Republic, Ado Ekiti

History of Chicken Republic, Ado Ekiti Chicken Republic, Ado Ekiti. It will be hard to find a more non-vegan eatery like Chicken Republic in town. Known for the different chicken specialties on offer, they pride themselves on their consistent delivery of product excellence, great value and impeccable customer service. Security/Safety of Chicken Republic, Ado Ekiti This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Chicken Republic, Ado Ekiti, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Cash or Debit/Credit Card Writer's Review Chicken Republic is a popular eatery in Nigeria, and this restaurant branch continues in the trademark delivery of delicious and well-done Chicken. They have other dishes to go with the Chicken, so you can come in for an all-round amazing meal no matter your palate. Their staff are also courteous and attentive, which is a big plus in my books. If you are in town, here is a recommended spot to have a quick meal alone or with loved ones.

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