Tiga Dam, Kano.

Tiga, Kano

Tiga Dam Description

History of Tiga Dam

Tiga Dam was built in 1974.

Built by Gov. Audu Bako in 1974.

The Tiga Dam provides irrigation for the farmers of Kano. It is a major reservoir on the Kano River, the main tributary of the Hadejia River. The dam was built during the administration of Governor Audu Bako in an attempt to improve food security through irrigation projects.

Security/Safety of Tiga Dam

This is a very safe location.

Things to do while at Tiga Dam

Before heading to Tiga Dam, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Wade in the cool water
  • Take beautiful pictures
  • Best Features

    The reservoir provides irrigation for farmers, and shallow lake where one may wade and relax.

    Explore nature

    Meet friends




    Tiga, Kano

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