Institut Français du Nigeria
Institut Français du Nigeria
Institut Français du Nigeria
How to get to Institut Français du Nigeria


By car and motorbike


Cultural centre
Things to do at Institut Français du Nigeria


Attend public lectures, Ceremony, Explore art, Learn, Relaxation, Sightseeing,

History of Institut Français du Nigeria

This was discovered in 2009.

Built in 2009.

Formerly known as 'French Cultural Centre', this centre is the major French centre in Abuja.


This is a very safe location.

Best Features

The Institut Français du Nigéria is the agency in charge of promoting French language and culture in Nigeria. A central meeting place, the Institut Français du Nigéria focuses on promoting and sharing the French language and franco-nigerian cultural exchanges as well as promoting higher education in France.

Writer's Review

As the major cultural centre in Abuja, the French Institute organises around a hundred events throughout the year, including film festivals, theatre, concerts and visual arts. All are accessible for English speakers.

  • Institut Français du Nigéria and Abuja Literary Society presents "The Poet Spring"-Editor,

  • Institut Francais Nigeria presents World Music Day commemoration-EventsBrite

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